About us

Opening hours 2022

We've decided to keep opening hours on Fridays as well during the spring to reduce crowding. During September we will not keep opening hours during Wednesdays and Thursdays since we will be packing bulbs, but we will keep open for a week longer than usual for you to be able to enjoy the flowering dahlias and buy bulbs. 

Dahlia sale and spring flowering 

1 April - 22 May: Friday - Sunday 12 - 17

Closed Good Friday and Easter Eve

Open Sunday Easter Day 17/4 and Easter Monday 18/4

23 May - 2 August: Closed

Dahlia display (the Café opens)

3 August - 28 August: Wednesday - Sunday 12 - 17

Dahlia display and spring bulb sale

2 September - 18 September: Friday - Sunday 12 - 17


The Café

Open during our regular hours from August 3rd to September 18th. Closed until August 3rd. 


Fika buffet with cookies, buns, muffins, almond cakes and homemade seasonal pie.20:-/hgFika buffet – choose your own "fika", big or small, choose for yourself and pay 20 SEK per hectogram.                           
Sandwiches/Toast50:-/60:- /pcThis means you can try a little bit of everything and if it weighs for example 0,2 kilograms you will pay only 40 SEK.                           
Coffee/tea including "påtår"23:-                           
Various drinks12-20:- /pc

Enjoy your fika either in the panoramic dining room looking out over the hobby garden, in the barn, in the gazebo or out in the garden. If you bring a dog it is allowed with you in the dining room called "the Hen House" or out in the garden.

Ice cream from Triumf15-32:- /pc                           




Geranium display

There are so many various kinds of geraniums with impressing variety in it's growth, petals, leaves, smell and flowering. 50 of our favourite kinds bloom in a display from August to September and is available for viewing during our opening hours. 

Dahlia display

We are known for our dahlia display that Jan Ansbjer started the year 2002. 400 different kinds of dahlias grow in the garden and is marked with name so you can pick out your favourites. In the garden there is a total of about 5 000 dahlia plants with an enormous display of colour. The display is open from August to September, see our opening hours above. 

Tulip and Narcissus display

Some of the kinds we sell are on display in full bloom in April and May, see our opening hours. 

Historic mini display 

The wardroom in the barn is set up together  with SHIR (the Swedish Historic Infantry Regiment) that display the Caroline's 1800s. 

Hobby garden

In our display garden you can find flower displays and inspiration. It is wheelchair accesible, dog friendly and child friendly. Trampolines, bunnies, hens, fishes and lots of seating. Relax, enjoy, experience.


The Store


In the store we sell hanging flowerpots for both ceiling and wall, pots for indoor use and a lot of interesting material that florists use to make their fantastic creations for the ones who want to creata for themselves. Decoartional birds, butterflies, shells, trolls, porcelain mushrooms, bird baths, rain gauges, wall hooks and much more. We have a big selection of plant supports from small pots to big ones for the garden. We also have a big selection of plastic pots for cultivation in various colours and sizes. 

Dahlia bulbs

From our first day of opening we have 300 variants of dahlia bulbs for sale in our store. There are even more variants in our web store that you can pre-book. We usually have a variaty of dahlia bulbs left to choose from in the beginning of May. From Friday 13th we start a sale on the remaining bulbs. Every year we order bulbs with cultivator quality that we review and bag ourselves to give you the best possible conditions for a succesful cultivation. We also complement with bulbs we have cultivated ourselves, some kinds are unique and are not sold anywhere else in Sweden. The price for a dahlia bulb is 37 SEK. If you shop in the store and buy 10 bulbs or more you only pay 34 SEK per bulb. We are the biggest in dahlia sales in the EU.

Lily bulbs

Lily bulbs are sold in the store from April to mid-May. They are of cukltivator quality and the prices vary from 11 SEK to 34 SEK. They can also be bought in our web store. 


Rooted geranium cuttings and bigger plants can be bought in the store. Starting price on 35 SEK a piece. 

Tulips and narcissus

Tulip bulbs and narcissus bulbs can be bought in the store in September. They can also be bought in our web store. September is the perfect time for you to visit us, look at the dahlia display and buy spring bulbs. During April and May you can instead buy dahlia and lily bulbs and at the same time view our display of tulips and narcissus. During that time we also sell some potted tulips and narcissus. 


"Kanonpris" directly translates to cannon price which roughly means it's a great deal. So make great delas in a part of our store with a variaty of prodocts with a price 50-70% lower than regular store prices.

The Hat room

Summer hats, beach hats, garden hats, child hats and caps have become a popular product in our store since we have many different kinds for a very good price from our Danish supplier. We also have a big supply of sheet metal signs, both retro looking ones and others.