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The Webshop What are we?

Our webshop has a queueing system that makes it so you can queue for products that aren't in stock at the moment. If someone cancels or changes and order or if we would increase our stock of something you are queueing on you may end up at the top of the queue and get a chance to add it to your order. Everything in your order is reserved for you. Dahlia and lilium bulbs are deliered from March 1st. Shipping in Sweden to DHL agent costs 79 SEK per package. If your order is 1000 SEK or more shipping is free. We also offer home delivery in Sweden. 


We are a commercial garden speecialized on dahlia, lilium, tulip and narcissus bulbs. In our garden store we also sell and showcase 50 kinds of geraniums.

We have cultivated, showcased and sold dahlias since 2002. We are the biggest selling business in the EU of dahliabulbs. In our garden we have 800 different kinds of dahlias and late blooming lilums during the summer. During the spring we showcase 400 kinds of tulips and narcissus. During opening hours we also have other showcases, a store and a café.


Opening hours 2023 and program

Spring sales, showcasing and café March 31st - May 21st

Premiere opening: Friday the 31st of March 2023

Open: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundaysedagar, lördagar och söndagar. (Mondays - Thursdays closed)

Open during Easter: Good Friday open, Easter Saturday closed, Easter Sunday open, Easter Monday open. 

Opening hours: 12 - 17

Showcases: Tulips, narcissus and other flowering bulbs in our selection blooming in the greenhouse and the garden during different times during the spring with a total of over 400 different kinds. 

For sale: Over 400 kinds of dahlia bulbs and 30 kinds of lilium bulbs. Potted tulips and narcisus in the greenhouse. Tulip and narcissus flowers with or without the bulbs for picking in the garden. Plus other stock in the store.

Café: Same opening hours as the rest.

Closed May 22nd to August 1st

August sales, showcases and café August 2nd - August 31st 

Premiere opening: Wednesday 2nd of August

Open: Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. (Mondays and Tuesdays closed)

Opening hours: 12 - 17

Showcase: over 800 kinds of dahlias

Sales: Over 50 kinds of geraniums and other stock in the store

Café: Same opening hours as the rest

Autumn sales, showcase and café September 1st - September 17th 

Open: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays. (Mondays - Thursdays closed)

Opening hours: 12 - 17

Showcase: 800 kinds of dahlias until  the 10th of September because the last weekend is our harvest fest.

Sales: Tulip bulbs narcissus bulbs and other spring bulbs newly delivered from the Netherlands. We pack and stock every week with more bulbs. Other stock in the store. The last open weekend is harvest fest during which our dahias from the showcase will be sold as well.

Café: Same opening hours as the rest

Harvest fest: Friday 15th - Sunday 17th of September, see program durther down.


The Café

Open during regular opening hours from March 31st to May 21st and August 2nd to September 17th. Closed June and July.

 Harvest fest

The last open weekend Friday 15th - Sunday 17th of September our dahlia flowers and dahlia bulbs will be available for self-picking. Dig up dahlia bulbs with or without the flowers and leaves, store and split next spring. To distribute the amount of visitors over the weekend we will charge 5 SEK for flowers and 50 SEK for bulbs during the Friday when all 800 kinds are available. On the Saturday we will charge 3 SEK for flowers and 40 SEK for the bulbs. On the Sunday, the last opening day of the season, everyone will be able to pick a bouquet each that they can hold in their hand for free and the dahlia bulbs will be 30 SEK each. Our store will be stocked this weekend with 400 kinds of tulip bulbs, narcissus bulbs and other spring bulbs.