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Magnolia Café & Trädgård
Malma Bredöl 115
465 91 Nossebro

Telephone: +46 512-32535


Joel Ansbjer:

Jan Ansbjer:

Directions to our store and dahlia garden

We are located in Bredöl, 6 km from Nossebro towards Grästorp along väg 186. There are many alternatives of how to drive to Bredöl. You can take scenic routes on small roads that are both shorter or longer, but the directions below are following the most common bigger roads. 

If you put in Magnolia or the adress found above on your GPS you are often led onto small roads thorough Vara, which are beautiful but crooked. We recommend driving to Nossebro or Grästorp and then take väg 186 to us with or without GPS. Google Maps usually works well. 

Our GPS-coordinates are lathitude 58.235668 longitude 12.718005.