New Baby

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Developed by Lammerse from the Netherlands the year 1964.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Size of Flower5 cm
PropertyGood for cuttings
LagerstatusOut of season
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Small World (Klass II)

“Klass II” means the bulbs are not the greatest quality. We strive to always buy bulbs of the highest quality possible. Unfortunately some varieties generally have smaller bulbs and last year's bad season had a big impact on the bulb’s quality and size. These bulbs are smaller in size and/or not as nice as the others, but we’ve handpicked the ones that should have the same conditions to sprout as our other bulbs. The size of the bulbs are big enough that it doesn’t affect the size or quality of the plant or the bloom. As long as the bulbs can sprout, it will grow!
47,00 kr 29,00 kr