Queueing System


  1. When a product is out of storage you can "add product to queue". If someone changes their order or if we can increase our storage and you get to the top of the queue you will get a message. Then you have 24 hours to confirm that you want to add the product to your order. If the time run outs and you haven't added the product to your order, the offer will go to next person in the queue and you will have to start queueing again. 
  2. When you update your order you can see what number you have in the queue. A lower number increase the poossiblities to be able to add the produkt to your order. If the number is 2000+ it's less proable you will have the chance to add the product to your order. But you keep your number in the queue until next season, so you will get a chance to add it then if you are ready when we release the yearly selection. Some kinds are more popular than others and since they are cultivated there always is a limit to how many we can get. 
  3. A kind of dahlia that is out of stock can come back is someone changes their order, if we get our hands on some more stock during the winter or if the farmers have a bigger yeild than anticipated during the harvest in November to December. When we manually control and bag the bulbs during the winter a lot of kinds are good quality and we can sell more of them than anticipated. You can always see your queue number on every kind of bulb you are queueing on and eventually it's your turn to have another favourite. 
  4. The previous point can be applied to other bulbs where the season starts during summer and delivery starts in September. 
  5. When the pre-orders are finalized some kinds come back in stock that has been out of stock for a long time. If you wait for a certain kind that you're in queue for you can finalize and pay for your order but wait with the shipping to have several orders on the same shipping fee. 
  6. When a season is over you can keep your queue number for the net season and you will recieve a message when they're available to be added to your order.