How to make a spring or autumn order

How do I make an order?

To make an order you need to be logged into your account. Make an account with an e-mail adress and activate it with an activation mail. This is an auto mail that may end up in your spam folder. 

Order products by pressing "Add to cart" on the product site. 

Spring and autumn orders are pre orders that reserve products for you. You can see which products are reserved for you under the headline "Your spring order". You don't need to do anything else once you see them here and you cannot go forward to shipping and payment until the date that says "Can finalize order at:". 

We will send an e-mail once you have an order that can be finalized, which is when the date previously mentioned has passed. We will also send an e-mail in case the reservation time is running out.

If the reservation time runs out, other costumers may have already bought your previously reserved products and you can't get them back. 

In case you have trouble deciding which kinds to buy you can use our wishlist. It is not okay to pre-order products you don't have an intention to purchase.  

If for some reason you will not be finalizing a pre-order both us and other costumers are thankful if you cancel your order so others get a chance to add these products to their orders. 

When can I finalize my order?

When the date has passes that says "can finalize order at:" your reserved products will be added to your cart. You can choose to finalize the order at once or any time before the "reserved to" date has passed. When finalizing the order you choose type of shipment, payment method and then choose between getting the delivery as soon as possible or to wait with the delivery of the paid order. If you con't wait with the delivery be sure you are ready for delivery and that the temperature outside isn't too low the coming days. You can read more about deivery and shipping here.

Can I make changes in my order?

The products that are reerved for you in the pre-orders can be changed in number, be removed and more articles can be added. Please observe that it is an order, so don't add anything you're not planning on buying. It can be hard to decide on the different kinds so it is okay to exchange some of them in your pre-order, but please don't change the total number of products drastically. If there is a big change in a pre-order there is usually due to unforseeable events, if so is the case you're welcome to contact us to let us know. If someone misstreats the system by adding a lot  of products they don't have an intent of buying they're at risk to not being allowed to make pre.orders anymore. 

Which products are part in the spring orders?

In the spring order you can add in dahlia and lilium bulbs. The yearly selection of dahlias are released August 1st and the liliums later during the winter. Spring orders can be finalized between March 1st and March 15th. Other products may also be marked with "can finalize order at:" and with a date, that means the products come into store at that date.

Which products are in the autumn orders?

In the autumn order you can add in tulip and narcissus bulbs and other bulbs that are planted during the autumn or potted during the winter. The yearly selection of autumn bulbs are released March 31st. Autumn orders an be finalized between September 17th and September 30th. Other products may also be marked with "can finalize order at:" and with a date, that means the products come into store at that date.

Will I need to pay several shipping fees?

You have full control of your orders and everything in your cart remains in one order and one package until you finalize and pay for the order, which makes one shipping fee, or free shipiing if you've reached that amoount. If you make another order after you've finalized the first one with shipping, they are considered as two different orders with two seperate shipping fees. That's why it's good to wait as long as you can to finalize the order if you are still queueing for kinds that you want. But make sure not to wait longer than your order is reserved for you. When you're checking out your order you can choose between getting your order delivered as soon as possible or to wait with delivery for your paid order. Choose the latter if you want to add more orders to the same shipping to have just one shipping fee. You can also choose to wait with delivery if you are out of town or wanting to have a later delivery. The delivery can be postponed for up to 20 days, after that we will send your order and send you an invoice with the shipping fee. If you want to wait more than 20 days with your order, please contact us. If you don't want to add more products to your order you can add the product "Shipping" to your order and then choose the delivery you want.